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Sigma 216 Yellow Aramid Braided Gland Packing For Superheated Steam , Solvents
ITEM : Sigma 216

PRODUCT NAME : Sigma 216 Yellow Aramid Braided Gland Packing For Superheated Steam , Solvents



APPLICATIONS / USES :The packing made of high quality aramid fibers with PTFE-lmpregnation and lubricant additive. Extremely hard wearing. It shows good chemical resistance, high elasticity and very low cold flow. Compare with other kinds of packing, it can resist more severe media and higher pressure.
It is an universal packing, can be used for pumps in all types of industry such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and sugar industries, pump and paper mills, power stations etc. It is also a durable packing able to withstand granular and abrasive applocatons
Application :

Designed for serve on superheated steam, solvents, liquefied gases, sugar syrup and other abrasive fluids.
Sigma 216 Packing is recommended for Oil & Solvents, caustics, Acids, Alkalies, Dyes, Chemicals Liquid ammonia & carbonate solution under high pressure conditions, waste water treatment plants. Agressive organic / inorganic Chemical Rotary and reciprocating plant pumps & valves, oils, corrosive gases, Dyestuffs, synthetic resins,White and black liquor, wood pulp, detergent, hydrocarbons, steam valves, metering pumps, reactors, mixers, autoclave glands, bauxite slurries, bottom ash slurry pumps, mineral handling slurries, tailings pumps and other slurry processing applications.
Pressure bar to 500 psi (34 bar) rotary / centrifugal ; to 2000 psi (138 bar) valves
Density g/cm3 1.4
Temperature °C -3280F (-2000C) to 12000F(6500C Steam) & (33000C Non-oxidizing media
Shaft Speed   to 1500 rpm
PH range 0-14
Long maintenance free service life.  Minimal shaft wear and leakage
Pliable, wear-resistant and dimensionally stable. Rugged and non-toxic
Extended service life by up to 400% in harsh environments.
Six times better heat conduction as against other PTFE packings at comparatively high speeds.
Significantly low thermal expansion thus resisting ‘ over expansion’ extrusion under service.
Suitable to centrifugal & reciprocating pumps even at high pressure
Excellent in abrasive application. Well proven with aggresive media
Size  mm 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 15 16 18 19 20
Approx. mtr. / kg 35 22 16 9.0 5.6 3.9 2.9 2.5 2.2 1.7 1.5 1.4
Prime Features :
  Yellow Aramid Braided Gland Packing     G_PTFE / Aramid In Zebra Braided Packing
   PTFE-Graphite + Polyamide Fibre Gland Packing     Combination Packing PTFE + Polyamide Fibre Gland Packing

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