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Spiral Wound Gasket is manufactured by spirally winding a V-shaped metal strip holds the filler, providing the gasket with mechanical resistance and resilience. Spiral wound gasket can be reinforced by an outer centering ring and/or inner retaining ring, the outer centering ring controls the compression and holds the gasket centrally within the bolt circle. The inner retaining ring increases the axial rigidity and resilience of the gasket and acts as a heat and corrosion barrier eliminating turbulence between the gasket inner diameter and the flange bore so avoiding erosion of the flange faces.ed clients.

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Spiral Wound gaskets are special semi-metallic gaskets of great resilience; therefore they are very suitable for applications featuring heavy operating conditions.
Sealing under heavy operating conditions
Strong stress compensation
Stable and reliable sealing performance even under frequent pressure fluctuation conditions
Solid construction provides stability
Seal ability even when the sealing surfaces are slightly corroded or bent
Easy installation meters
Standard sizes: Acc. To ASME/ANSI, DIN, BI, JIS & Non-standard sizes upon request as per your requirement.
Standard filler: Flexible Graphite, PTFE, Non-Asbestos, Ceramic etc.
Standard Metals:SS316L,SS304,SS304L,SS321,SS347,Monel, Inconel,  Incoloy, Titanium etc.
Spiral wound Gaskets have proven to be the most reliable sealing element for use in difficult, critical and arduous duties Spiral Wound Gaskets are used in refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Steam Lines and process industries, where they have many advantages over older types of gaskets.
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