Sigma 171C Expanded graphite and carbon fiber combination Gland Packing.
(High Temperture Packing) fiber combination Gland Packing.
ITEM : Sigma 171C

PRODUCT NAME : Sigma 171C Expanded graphite and carbon fiber combination Gland Packing. (High Temperture Packing) fiber
                             combination Gland Packing.



APPLICATIONS / USES : A high temperature unique & universal seal gland packing made of innovative expanded Pure Graphite(purity 99.5%) Yarn with  Inconel wire reinforcement and carbon fibre. Duplex braid interlock construction to increase dimension stability. This packing is incorporated with sacrificial metal Corrosion inhibitor and densely impregnated with high quality lubricants.
Application :

Highly recommended for rotating equipment including Centrifugal and  Displacement pumps in process applications include: exhaust seals, pulpers, digesters, mixers, agitators, dryers and blowers, super heated high temperature and pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen gas, ammonia, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, fuel oil, cryogenic liquids, Not recommended for strong oxidizers  as fuming nitric acid, oleum,aqua regia etc.
Pressure bar to 500 psi (34 bar) rotary/ centrifugal;  to 2000 psi (138 bar) valves
Density g/cm3 1.4
Temperature °C -3280F(-2000C)to 12000F (6500C steam) & (33000C Non-Oxidizing media)
Shaft Speed to 3000 rpm
PH range 0-14
Prime Features :
Service Limits, Application Parameter :
High thermal conductivity for cool running.
Very good start-up and emergency running characteristics.
Less gland adjustment, easy break-in, & even compression
PREVENT Galvanic corrosion of the spindle/shaft
Excellent low co-efficient of friction and minimal Shaft wear.
Very Resilient and resistance  to thermal shock & high thermal conductivity
Significant serviceability of packing.
Non-abrasive; hence rules out shaft scoring
Provides better sealing in rough, wear and tear conditions.
Special grade Sigma 171C  for Nuclear Application
   Available in all Popular Square Section from 3 mm to  38 mm.

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