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We manufacture virgin PTFE envelope gaskets, resistant to virtually all chemicals and exhibiting excellent non-stick properties. No risk of process contamination, provided by strict process control.

PTFE envelope gaskets are available in the following configurations:
Machined round-edge type, for use with toxic chemicals and on large diameter gaskets
Split-type, suitable for most applications
Machined square-edge type, for use with thick inserts and abrasive fluids
PTFE  Soft Flexible Gaskets
PTFE Soft Flexible gaskets are used in all forms of industry in particular with a universally applicable gasket material offering substantially better characteristics than conventional gasket material.
It is a modified PTFE Gasket which is supplied in flat form which seals can be punched in ring form or as per your any requirement.
It can adapt temperature ranging between   -100oC   and   +260oC.
Flexible and soft
Very adaptable for uneven surfaces
Good sealing effect
Good recovery capability
Gas permeability
No reactions with the media to be sealed
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