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Corrugated Metal Gaskets products are considered the standard in respect to corrugated metal gasket technology; an excellent choice for 150 and 300 class ASME flanges where available bolt loading is minimal. The substrate geometry promotes recovery and resilience through thermal cycles and extended service life. Corrugated Metal Gaskets can be direct replacements for spiral wound gaskets and can eliminate inward buckling issues while creating a seal at moderate flange stresses. Available in a wide range of substrate alloys and covering layer options, Corrugated Metal Gaskets style flange gaskets can be utilized to solve many common flange problems. Corrugated Metal Gaskets substrate geometries are engineered to achieve maximum recovery characteristics. A specific pitch, core thickness and wall angle is engineered to maximize the seal’s ability to overcome relaxation through joint relaxation, pressure and thermal cycles.
Corrugated Metal Graphite (CMG) is a high performance gasket for standard flange or heat exchanger applications. The CMG molds in place by filling in irregularities of the spaces creating a superior seal. It maintains the seal even in harsh environments including hydrocarbons and steam applications. The gasket is ideal where low bolt load are present or where high gasket stresses are available. The thin profile is beneficial in areas where flange separation is limited. The heavy 22 gauge core and 1/8” pitch frequency results in superior recovery and crush resistance in the most demanding applications.
Flat Metal Gaskets
Flat Metal Gaskets is availableindifferent dimension and thickness as per required specifications or drawing. It comes in different forms such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and oFlat Metal Gaskets.
Heat Exchanger Gaskets
Heat exchanger gaskets are manufactured in accordance with a rigorous quality control procedure. With our gasket testing facilities, we are able to fully inspect gaskets to ensure they continuously meet our high standards.

For this reason, we are able to offer a 12 month warranty (subject to conditions) on all plate heat exchanger gaskets supplied by us.
Depending on the heat exchanger manufacturer and model type the heat exchanger gaskets are fixed to the heat transfer plates either mechanically or with an adhesive.
The common attachments are listed below. For more detailed information select a specific manufacturer.
Double Jacketed Gaskets
Double-jacketed gaskets are another combination of filler material and metallic materials. In this application, a tube with ends that resemble a "C" is made of the metal with an additional piece made to fit inside of the "C" making the tube thickest at the meeting points. The filler is pumped between the shell and piece. When in use the compressed gasket has a larger amount of metal at the two tips where contact is made (due to the shell/piece interaction) and these two places bear the burden of sealing the process. Since all that is needed is a shell and piece, these gaskets can be made from almost any material that can be made into a sheet and a filler can than be inserted. This is an effective option for most applications.
Ring Joint Gaskets
Ring Joint Gaskets are suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications. The Joint Gaskets are available in R, RX, BX styles and in oval/octagonal profiles. We provide in accordance with specific tolerances on CNC machines.
Ring Joint Gaskets fully complied with the ASME B16.20 standard and the API spec 6A requirements (where applicable).
R type (oval and octagonal) solid sections to fit standard ring joint flanges with trapezoidal grooves.
Types RX and BX with complex beveled edge sections for wellhead pressures above 700 bar.
Combination Gaskets - Used where two flanges of different sizes are to be joined together.
Split Gaskets - Used where an API flange is to be joined with low pressure ANSI Flange where a spiral wound gasket is used.
Special metal gasket made to customer specifications
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Fabric Gaskets
Fabricgaskets are made from various fabric such as abestsos ceramic fibeglass with the impregnation and proofed with various rubber solution into the desired shape as per the dimension,
OVAl shape and oblong shape.
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