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We offer 100% pure graphite gaskets for sealing flanges of all kinds, including both metallic & non-metallic, for applications in chemical processing industry, nuclear, aerospace & automotive industry. Graphite Gaskets are very versatile in its range of application suitability & this could be attributed to its unique properties such as temperature stability from sub-zero to very high temperature, pressures & inertness etc.
100% pure plain graphite or laminated sheets with SS316 sheer &wiremesh insert. Laminated sheets with custom preferred materials are also available.

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Graphite gaskets are made of pure graphite. Due to its outstanding heat-proof, pressure-proof and chemical-proof capabilities, it maintains excellent performance under poor operational condition, and due to its close adhesive property it has great sealing capability with low stress.
Dynamic sealing at high pressures & under vacuum
No fillers, binders or resins
No fillers, binders or resins
Minimum chloride & Ash content
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