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ITEM : Sigma 999

PRODUCT NAME : Sigma 999 GlassFibre Ropes



APPLICATIONS / USES : Sigma GlassFibre Ropes are made by special quality (imported from Germany) E-glass continuous filament made by inorganic flexible fiberglass fibers, twisted together to form desired cross section.  Henceforth Ropes of required sizes (in round or square section) are manufactured by interlock braiding technology and tension are adjusted in machine to obtain desire tightness in ropes.
Features :
pH range : 0 -14
Temperature withstanding : 600o Degree C
Resistant to most chemicals
It does not burn or smolder, shrink, swell, & stretch resistant.
It retains high tensile strength at elevated temperature while maintaining great flexibility.
Sigma GlassFibre Ropes are widely used in various applications: Processing Vessels, Tanks, Grooves, Furnace Doors, Covers, Ovendoors, Flanges in sheet metal & steel fabricating industries etc.

Note : Glassfibre Ropes are also available in with impregnated by PTFE, Polyurethane, Graphite, Mica, silicon rubber etc for various spl. application & use.

True Value Gland Packings and Gaskets
Sigma 999 GlassFibre Ropes
Glassfibre products includes Glassfibre ropes, Glass Fibre Cloths, Glassfibre Sleeves. While preparing glassfibre products each and every yarn is especially treated to become userfriendly, No reaction on skin occurs in our GlassFibre Products. Glassfibre products has very high validity and good sustainability properties for industrial use. 

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